Music Captains

Introducing our 2022 Music Captains…


Sophie Pitstock – Executive Music Captain

Sophie has been playing the clarinet for eight years and has enjoyed every minute of her time in the music program. She has played several different instruments including bass clarinet, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone for seven ensembles since she started at St Pauls in grade seven. Outside of school, Sophie plays Bb clarinet and alto clarinet for the Queensland Youth Orchestra Wind Ensemble and loves the challenge. She also enjoys composing and playing the piano and ukulele. After graduation, Sophie plans to continue playing and producing music and possibly pursue music tutoring. 

Philippa Wright – Executive Music Captain

From a young age Pip has been surrounded by music due mainly to immediate and extended family members being musicians themselves. From the age of 5 (prep) Pip started choir with the Queensland Show Choir organisation and now sings in their Qld Young Voices choir. Pip has played the cello since she was in year 3 and has been a committed member of Allegretto and Vivo strings and Symphony.  Since primary school Pip has also participated in junior, senior and honours choir in Primary School as well as St Paul’s Singers and St Paul’s Chorus since moving to high school.  Pip aspired to be Music Captain since joining the St Paul’s Music Department in year 7. Aside from singing and cello, Pip likes to help out mentoring within the younger aged ensembles and has loved being able to see them grow within their own musical journeys.  One highlight over the past 5 years has been all of the performances especially Brisbane Sings in 2019.

Sophie Riley – Strings Captain

Sophie has been playing Cello since Year 3 (just over 9 years) and enjoys it very much. She also plays piano and ukulele. The music scene is a big part of her life and has plans to join MBSO (Moreton Bay Symphony Orchestra), but in the meantime she is a member of Vivo Strings and the school’s Symphony Orchestra. Sophie has completed her 5 AMEB piano exam and has stopped piano lessons temporarily to focus on cello.

Lachlan Schulze – Jazz Captain

Lachlan has been actively participating in the music program since he first joined St Paul’s in grade 7. Playing the alto saxophone, he started with Jazz Ensemble and Concert Band but joined the premier ensembles Wind Ensemble and Big Band in his second year at the school. From there he has developed his love of music inside and outside of class time. Alongside his other bands, he’s now a part of the St Paul’s Chorus and Singers and takes both classroom music and the music tech course St Paul’s offers as a part of his subjects. Still deciding between careers Lachlan knows for sure he will continue to play recreationally once school has finished.

Jessica Semmler– Choral Captain

Jessica has been involved with the music program since grade 7 when she arrived at Pauls, starting vocal lessons and soon after, she started guitar lessons. Jess is now involved in St Paul’s Chorus and Premiere ensemble St Paul’s Singers for 4 years now, as well as participating in many music events such as Solo comp, Battle of the Bands, and music camps, as well as the 2021 music tour. She also does senior music, music extension and Cert III in music tech. Jess is an aspiring songwriter, and performs in a duo, Jess and Gabe. She loves to explore different genres and learn new things about music. Jess is excited and enthusiastic to help the younger kids out, explore and grow her love of music and be the 2022 Choral Captain.

Lucas Nguyen – Band Captain

Lucas has been playing trombone as one of his favourite pastimes since Grade 4. He has been a part of a multitude of ensembles during his time at St Paul’s.  Currently Lucas is  a member of Wind Ensemble, Big Band, St Paul’s Chorus, St Paul’s Singers and Symphony Orchestra.

Ronan Kennedy – Music Tech Captain

Ronan is a tech and coding enthusiast who is part of the year 12 Music Tech students. He has helped run previous performances/shows including the school’s musical. He loves everything to do with technology, computers, and coding. He is experienced in operating Music Tech equipment and is up to any question you might have about gigs or using tech equipment. He is currently the 2022 Music Tech Captain for St Paul’s School.



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