It sometimes happens that students have clashes between ensemble rehearsals and School sports practices. The Sport and Music Departments work closely together to ensure that students are able to continue to be involved in all their extra-curricular activities. Students affected by clashes need to speak with both their ensemble director and sports coach to organise alternating between both commitments.

Failure to attend rehearsals or performances without written notification in advance may result in a reduction of colour points, loss of embellishment privileges, possible reallocation to a different position/ensemble or the complete exclusion from the Instrumental Program (at the discretion of the Head of Extracurricular Music, Kellee Green – [email protected]).

Students are expected to manage their time effectively and prioritise ensemble rehearsals as an existing commitment to be fulfilled each week. Incomplete homework/assignments or insufficient study is not a valid excuse for missing a rehearsal. If students are having trouble balancing commitments, they need to speak with their ensemble director for help with strategies for effective time management.

If a student is absent from school due to illness on the day of a rehearsal, they must contact the ensemble director via email to notify them of the absence.

Please see below for the Ensemble Rehearsal Schedule for 2024 (current as at January 22).

2024 Rehearsal Schedule

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