Fees and policies

The Music Tutors are professional musicians and music teachers who are engaged by the Music Department to teach your child in the school environment. This gives your child the opportunity to learn from a professional musician, as well as the convenience of learning at school.

Parents/carers are required to agree to the Instrumental Music Enrolment policies listed below before a student begins instrumental lessons (a new online enrolment form must be completed for each instrument at the beginning of each year).



Payment for instrumental lessons in 2022 will be made direct to the Music Tutor. Lesson payment will be required on a per term basis. Music administrators will provide information to Music Tutors to ensure students receive the required number of lessons per term. As with school fees, lesson payment is required in advance and cannot commence until processed. The current instrumental lesson rate at St Paul’s School for 2022 is $37 per lesson excluding GST. (Please note: some tutors do need to add GST to this fee.)



Music Tutors will complete their timetables for the full term in advance and email this to parents and students. Timetables will also be displayed on the noticeboard in Music Reception. Lesson times rotate weekly to ensure that class disruptions are kept to a minimum.



All instrumental lessons will be marked on a roll by the Music Tutor and processed by administration staff.

If a student is absent on the day of a music lesson the Music Tutor must be informed at least 24 hours prior (except in the case of unforeseen illness) or sufficient time to allow the Music Tutor to reallocate the missed time for that week. Insufficient notice for missing a lesson will mean that the lesson is charged.

In the event that the Music Tutor is absent an alternative lesson time will be scheduled. If this is not possible a refund will be issued, or reduced fees applied to the following term. If a student is ill on the day of the lesson the Music Tutor must be notified by 8am on that day. With sufficient notification lessons will be rescheduled (or refunded, or reduced fees applied to the following term if rescheduling is not possible). If a student’s lesson falls on a public holiday an alternative time will be rescheduled, or a refund issued.



Cancellations are processed at during the last week of each term only, and not part way through a term or during school holidays. Two weeks’ notice in writing is required in the event of a student’s withdrawal from instrumental lessons; for example, if a student does not intend to continue lessons in Term 4 then notice must be given in writing two weeks before the end of Term 3. This correspondence should be addressed to the Head of Extracurricular Music, Mrs Kellee Green  – ([email protected]) – and the Music Tutor. In the absence of such notice, two weeks’ tuition fees will be payable to the Instrumental Tutor as a cancellation and processing fee.



All students who learn an instrument with an Instrumental Tutor at St Paul’s are required to be a member of an appropriate ensemble or ensembles (with the exception of piano and guitar students). This allows them to more fully develop skills of musicianship and enjoy the pleasure of making music with their friends and fellow students. When the Music Tutor ascertains that the student is of a proficient level for ensemble involvement, the student will be placed in an appropriate ensemble for their skill level and instrument.

Students who learn with a Music Tutor and are in an ensemble at St Paul’s will be required to adhere to the Extracurricular Ensemble policies in order to continue to learn with the Music Tutor at school. Students who do not want to be part of the Ensemble program once a Music Tutor has recommended them for an ensemble will not be able to continue to have lessons with an Instrumental Tutor at St Paul’s.

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